Idioms and word use in English

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    Let's talk and ask together about idioms and word use in English.

    Thank you.
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    the very heart of

    What does it mean the idiom "the very heart of"? I've found it in an education article, and failed to find it's clear definition in the dictionaries. Many thanks.
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    “The very heart of” means something (mostly the place) which is very close to the center of somewhere. For example:

    Hoan Kiem Lake is the heart of Hanoi, and Trang Tien Palza is in the very heart of Hanoi (because TT plaza is very close to Hoan Kiem Lake).

    Sometimes, it does not refer to a place. For example:

    Your English sounds in the very heart of English (You speak English very naturally, like a native).
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    I guessed like this, but was not sured before your answer.:p

    In fact, I'd always thought that "very" was only an adverb (usually used with adjectives such as "very good", "very beautiful") and so did not see the definition of this word ("very") in the dictionary. Now, upon your explanation and examples, I've found a definition like this:
    Adjective used with nouns to give emphasis or exaggerated intensity.

    Thank you.:no1:
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    Another question, about "constituencies", in this phrase:

    "Some portion of the financial squeeze is attributable to competing claims on state revenues by other high-profile constituencies, such as elementary and secondary education and health care." (in an article about state-university financial and autonomy relations)

    I've found some definitions such as:
    The body of voters or the residents of a district represented by an elected legislator or official
    A group served by an organization or institution; a clientele.
    However, "elementary education", "secondary education" and "health care" seem to be (at least for me :p) neither "voters" nor "clientele". What should its meaning be in Vietnamese?
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    Do more with less

    Yet another question :p:

    How should we translate the idiom "do more with less" in Vietnamese?

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