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  1. tandai

    tandai Tự hành lữ khách...

    Do you like joining together to pratice our English? Here's we goooooo!!! :hodota:
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  2. SweetLove

    SweetLove Ong non & nai ^^

    Ông già Việt Nam nói tiếng Anh như gió


    Nội công quá thâm hậu :no1:

    Bác nào không xem được clip thì link đây http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lMGW1Rvk3A
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  3. tandai

    tandai Tự hành lữ khách...

    Watching American movies and learning English like him, that's one of the efficient ways. :no1:
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  4. nhson02

    nhson02 New Member

    English is the key to success. I'll register to be member of this club.
    Anybody else?
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  5. tandai

    tandai Tự hành lữ khách...

    Me always here ;)
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  6. thucdtruong

    thucdtruong Ong xây tổ

    Greetings to All:
    Joining this club to learn and practice English is good.
    Let's start learning English with the pronunciation, and the ending sounds of words are very improtant.
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  7. kawaii

    kawaii New Member

    các cô các chú có biết trang nào học tiếng Anh free hok,cho con bít zoi
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  8. tandai

    tandai Tự hành lữ khách...

    May be you have some tips or examples for this?
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  9. thucdtruong

    thucdtruong Ong xây tổ

    Pronunciation Examples

    Following are some pronunciation Examples:

    Let’s start with a vowel “A” to start a simple word:
    Ab; act; add; aft; ag; ack; al; all; am; an; apt; ar; as;ask; asked; ass; at; ax;axes …
    From these basic words, you can add a consonant at the beginning to obtain words with those basic sounds:
    Ab, tab, fab;
    act, tack, mack;
    add, madd;
    aft, shaft, taft;
    ag, tag, gag;
    ack, tack, tacked;
    al, mal, pal;
    all, tall, mall;
    am, ham, jam;
    an, tan, pan;
    apt, shaft, taft;
    ar, car, far;
    as, pas;
    ask, mask, task;
    asked, masked, tasked;
    ass, pass, tass;
    at, cat, fat;
    ax, fax, max;
    axes, faxes, taxes …
    And you can go on with different vowels, dipththongs combined with different ending sounds for your practice.
    It’s very important to learn and have good pronunciation of sounds and words, because it will make the learning of vocabulary easier and people can actually understand you when you speak. You feel great when that happens.
    Most of the above words, you can find and listen to the pronunciation by using the following link:
    But it’s best if you can hear them from and practice with a good English speaker/instructor.
    Please pronounce them loudly, record with a recorder, play back for feedback, and correct for improvement .
    I can try to write this in Vietnamese language if needed.
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